2017 Upper Deck Canadian Tire Team Canada

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Bringing even more UD exclusives to our northern neighbors, 2017 Upper Deck Canadian Tire Team Canada takes a national hockey team approach with a full promo set.

Exclusive to Canadian Tire, a automotive/sporting goods/hardware/home goods retail chain that sells quite a bit more than just tires, the promotional release starts on December 1 and goes until December 28, 2017 (or as supplies last). The five-card packs run $1.99 CAD (before tax) with any purchase, and it is up to the specific location to decide the number of packs you can purchase in a single transaction.

This concept seems quite similar to the immensely popular 2017-18 Upper Deck Tim Hortons, except the coffee promo is an NHL set while this obviously focuses on Team Canada.

The 2017 Upper Deck Canadian Tire Team Canada checklist is actually pretty robust with 160 cards in the main set. The breakdown includes 100 base cards, 40 base Short Prints, and 20 more cards that are part of the Heir to the Ice subset. In addition, limited Gold Foil Signature and Black Foil Signature versions can be found for select players.

2017 Canadian Tire Upper Deck Team Canada inserts include Team Canada Canvas, which features 45 main cards and 10 high-number Canvas Short Prints. An acetate favorite, the Clear Cut line offers Program of Excellence (30 cards) and World Juniors (10 cards). Finally, the 12-card Retro set highlights all-time greats from the program, while Vs. (versus) draws attention to 24 top NHL players who represent other countries. Collectors can find 13 of these players also featured in the Vs. Signatures parallel.

There is no collector album fo the set, and packs odds will be added if they are released.

Release Date: 12/01/2017; End Date: 12/28/2017 (or as supplies last)
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack - $1.99 per pack with any purchase






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